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What Does Yolo Mean

What Does Yolo Mean

You Only Live Once

What Does Yolo Mean” has been a common question that I’ve come across lately. It is a term used by many of the youth of today. It was made popular by rapper ‘Drake‘ in his hit song “The Motto” featuring Lil Wayne, released in 2011.

Yolo means “You Only Live Once“. It is in reference to taking risks in life and to not hold back. It has become popular with high school and college aged kids as they grow older and branch out and try new things. In many ways it has become an enigma in that it’s used sarcastically by a large amount of people, is used seriously by a large amount of people and is hated by a large amount of people and it’s hard to tell which group is which. It has been mocked and ridiculed and those that say it in any manner are seen as childish and immature. Other rappers have used it to mock Drake and others have it used it other various methods.

It has recently been said that those that say YOLO are less educated. It has also been said that YOLO is a layman’s version of the Latin term ‘Carpe Diem‘ which means to Seize the Day.

YOLO would be associated with SWAG where CARPE DIEM would be associated with CLASS.

What Does Yolo Mean?